Study Shows Riverside County Residents Die At Higher Rate Of Heart Disease



High Time to Send the Cowboys Packing


Exposing the Big Game

The sad story of wolf “recovery,” since their unjust removal from the federal Endangered Species list in the Northern Rockies and Great Lakes states, reminds me of some Western b-movie wherein trigger-happy cowboys and corrupt cattle ranchers ride into a peaceful town, oust the sheriff and replace order with chaos, clear-headedness with insanity and serenity with violence.

So unprecedented is the ongoing slaughter of an endangered species immediately on the heels of their purported recovery that I can’t think of any situation to compare it to. The only hypothetical analogies I can think of is if the U.S. resumed full-scale whaling or sealing the day after those animals recovered or allowed people to shoot recently endangered eagles again, lest they prey on someone’s chickens.

After all, eagles are predators, aren’t they? Well, yes, sometimes, but they’re also the symbol of our country.

Wolves too are symbols. To those who revere…

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subhan allah



As if to say, ‘for the sake of the doubting thomases among you, I will show you yet another sign’. It was on a Wednesday afternoon {27-03-13}, that my very good friend, Jimoh Mujib, called me and said a brother of his just told him of a miraculous tree near his abode in Ibadan. This tree has inscriptions of ‘Allah’, ‘Allahu Akbar’ and ‘Muhammad’ {PBUH} on it. It is worth mentioning that this is barely four weeks after the extraordinary meat was discovered by a sister in the University of Ibadan.
Much excited to hear the news, I decided that we should waste no time and go to the spot to see the tree for ourselves immediately after our last class for the day. After all, seeing, they say, is believing. At around 05:30pm, we set out for Moniya, the town where the miracle is said…

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Geometry & Silence

These photographs document a trekking and 4×4 journey through the Western Desert of Egypt. Starting at Bahariya Oasis we travelled through the Sahara Suda (Black Desert) and Sahara Beida (White Desert) ending up near Farafra. As a compliment to these images I produced a second, more abstract series of photographs entitled “Sahara Sands” from the same trip.

The journey was undertaken with desert explorer Sam McConnell who runs highly recommended adventure travel expeditions to the region in collaboration with Abou Anis of Sub Sinai, off-road driver Khaled, and the bedouin of Bahariya Oasis

Signed limited edition prints of this series are available at £195 each (60x40cm). To purchase please contact me. Larger sizes also available

Edit: I’m delighted that this post is featured in Freshly Pressed. Check out “Glimpses Of Iran” which was Freshly Pressed last year. Thanks for all your likes and comments and follow my Facebook…

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