When you’re adopting chickens, life’s like a box of chocolates


Guest post by Tamara Kenneally

Tamara Kenneally is an award-winning, animal based photographic artist living in Melbourne, Australia. Tamara is  passionately interested in animal behaviour, animal rights and animal welfare, all of which greatly influence her work.

Tamara cares for over thirty rescued hens (ex-battery and broiler) and four rescued sheep. She also has many dearly beloved, departed animals from the past locked forever in her heart.

You can see Tamara’s superb photography in this post and on her Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/tamarakenneallyphotography.

Here we learn of five very different characters in Tamara’s very busy
Paul Mahony

With so many chickens living with us, we’d have to be blind if we didn’t realise chickens had different personalities, just like people. Some chickens are quiet and shy. Some chickens are in your face and loud and brash. Some chickens prefer corn to watermelon. Some prefer to sleep in the corner…

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