Finding a Home for Buck


One thing Grandpa Dave and I discussed for years before we moved to the country is that we both wanted goats. We started researching breeds and decided to start with a Boer. Our first Boer was an orphaned doe who was 2 months old. I named her Bordeaux.


We were still living in town when we bought her so bringing her home was interesting. Because our house was on the market, people came through regularly. Most liked seeing the goat and the chickens in the backyard but I’m sure a few saw them and turned tail and ran away!

Our next goat purchase was made after we moved to the ranch. We bought 2 fainting goat wethers. They were really fun to watch. One had a map of the USA on his side so we named him Lower 48. The other was black except for a band across his mid-section…

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